Don’t know where to start with productivity tools?

Concentrate on getting to know yourself instead.

Productivity coaching

Not sure which direction to go in?

There are an absolute TON of tips and blogs and techniques out there to help you be more productive.  In fact, there are so many, all saying they have the answer to making you more productive, sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming.  And may end up having the opposite effect.  Too many possible choices or directions can leave you feeling confused.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with ANY of these blogs or techniques.  They are great, and I can guarantee that they all work for somebody.  The trick is working out what’s right for you.


The better you understand yourself, and what makes you tick, the better you can sift through the various techniques and find the right ones for you.

For example: if you’re the sort of person who likes to pack for a vacation weeks in advance, then you might love productivity tools that have you making lots of lists, or planning days out very precisely and to the minute.

If you tend to put your clothes in the case the night before you leave for your vacation, then using techniques that allow you flexibility on when things get done, but keep you super-organised to make those tasks as easy as possible, might be better for you.

Try lots of things out.  If one technique has you rebelling against it, drop it and find something else to try instead.   Just because one technique doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean you’ve failed and will never become the deity of productiveness you’d like to be.  Keep at it!  The great thing about the abundance of ideas and tips for productivity is that if you keep an open mind, you WILL find one that works for you.


Let us have your thoughts!

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