Having a Down Day

optimist positive bad day

Get dancing, people!

Here at Human Nature, we talk a lot about optimism, being positive, productive, and generally moving your life or business in a forwards direction.

But we don’t want to give you false impressions here.

From time to time, you’ll have a down day.

It might be caused by something in particular – you might feel ill, or have some bad news, or perhaps your day just hasn’t gone to plan – or you might just have a really hard time staying positive for no particular reason at all.  Heck, hormonal fluctuations can have that effect on you, let’s face it.  And you might feel like you have taken a big backwards step.

But all is not lost.  This is not a reason to give up on your journey of improvement.  You have not failed.

No one, not even the most apparently positive and productive and optimistic person, will move consistently in a positive, productive and optimistic direction, no matter what impression they may give you.

Think of it like driving a high performance sports car.  There might be times when you are out on the open road, wind in your hair, revelling in beautiful scenery and sunshine, top gear engaged and feeling utterly exhilarated.  But there will be times when perhaps the road gets bumpy, and you have to slow down.  Perhaps you have to drive through a bad part of town.  Or you hit serious traffic and have to stop altogether.  You might even run out of fuel.

The important thing to note is that none of these things stop your car being a high performance sports car.  You still have the memory of the wind in your hair, and you can go back there.

Life isn’t all that different.  Slowing down on your forward motion, or even going in reverse for a while, is not a disaster.  When you’re ready, you just get back on your path, and start, however slowly, going forwards again.  The more times you get back on track, the easier it gets to do it.

If you feel you’ve got lost along the way, and you’ve tried to get your bearings and looked at a few maps, but can’t quite see the way ahead, don’t be the guy who won’t ask for directions.  We are here to help.

© Liz Wootton 2013.  All Rights Reserved


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