One Small Positive Thought….

Today I wanted to share this lovely photo and the thought behind it, because it encompasses two ideas that I thoroughly believe in.  This is taken from A Craft A Day Keeps Boredom Away.

positive thinking

The first is just what the saying says, that One Small Positive Thought In the Morning Can Change Your Whole Day.  Even if all you can manage is a teeny amount of positivity, if you can find just one thing to smile about, that will make a difference.

As I talk about in my book “10 Steps to a More Positive You” (which you can get absolutely free by subscribing to our newsletter via the link on the right, or by clicking here), positive thinking is a habit, and the more you do it, the more you practise, the better you get at it, and the easier and more natural it gets.  If you can start with finding just a small positive thought in the morning, that is getting you on the road to a more positive day and a more positive life.

The second is another aspect of positivity that I talk about in my book: doing something you love every day. The creator is in the process of making a total of 365 beautiful handwriting pieces – a collection of lovely sayings and quotations all lovingly handwritten in ink. When they are all finished, they’d make a lovely book – a thought for each day of the year.

If you can spend a little time each day doing something you love, that will help you feel more positive about life.  If it’s something that is also relaxing (which crafts so often are), then even better.

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