It’s true, gratitude is a wonderful thing. And interesting that blogging helps bring it out in people – I know momaste is not alone in these thoughts! What fills you with gratitude?


Hey there.  How’s it going? 

Do you ever feel like you are forcing yourself to write your blog?  Or do you ever feel you just don’t feel like blogging?  Or maybe that you are writing about one thing when you really just want to write about something else entirely?  That’s kind of how I’ve felt over the last week.

Sure, I’ve still been blogging my little heart out and trying to post as regularly as I can.  Also, on Saturdays I started posting photos without any text which I am calling “Silent Saturday,” so that I can still share with you a little snapshot of my life without really having to extrovert myself in the blogosphere.   But. . .

All I have really wanted to say is thanks.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments with me- I try my…

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