Open Up to Learning and Enrich Your Life

Opportunity for learning, life enrichmentThis week I have joined the first ever annual Group Coaching Megasummit.  It’s a resource for coaches, consultants, therapists etc, who want to are or thinking of implementing a facility for coaching groups online.  So far I’ve completed day one, and I don’t mind telling you that I am incredibly impressed.  Thanks to Gina Hiatt (of Finish Agent) and the many incredible speakers she has lined up, I have access to a ton of fantastically high quality information.  It is literally an entire week’s worth of teleseminars.  I feel privileged to be part of it.

I’ll go more into the summit in a moment, but here’s what I really feel impelled to say today.

Learning, at any level, of anything, is a life-enriching experience.

I love to learn and improve myself.  I don’t mean in the traditional sense of academia (although I always did well at school and university, I never felt a love for learning in that way  and had a tendency to struggle against it).  I mean in the sense of being open to new concepts, new techniques, new ways of looking at things.

I don’t mind admitting that in years gone by , I saw learning differently.  Once I had finished up at university, there was a big part of me that thought “Great, my learning process is done now.  I can get on with real life instead”.  But what I (naively) didn’t realise at that time is that actually we have the opportunity to learn all the time.  And that learning is life-enriching.  Experiencing real life fully means constantly learning.  The Japanese concept of Kaizen (which effectively means Constant and Never Ending Improvement) is something I talk about a lot.  It’s having that sense that if you strive for constant improvement in yourself, you’ll always feel alive.

I guess that closed attitude didn’t stop me learning altogether, but it certainly closed me off to a lot of opportunities.  I learned the things I needed for my job, or for getting to grips with parenthood.  But that sense of learning things, just for the sake of it, was something I didn’t really get comfortable with for a while.

In more recent years though, I’ve discovered the real value of being open to learning. Learning new skills and getting more knowledgeable is something I’ve discovered I love doing, so it’s a life-enriching process.

But the real key is the openness.  If you are open to learning, then you can find knowledge and skills all over the place.  You can go for a walk and learn something about your natural environment.  You will listen to your friends more openly and learn something from them.  And perhaps more importantly, openness can help to unstick you from a way of thinking or doing, and help you find a new and better way.

Learning opens doors.  It opens you up to possibilities. That’s ultimately how I have ended up in coaching.

If you come away from a seminar with ONE golden nugget of information, then it was worth your time.  (I’ve come away from day one of the summit with waaaaay more than that, but you get the point).  Whether you approach learning from a business perspective or as an individual, being open to it helps you find those golden nuggets.  And those golden nuggets are the little things that just might make all the difference to your business, or to your life.

So back to the Megasummit.  I am literally buzzing with new ideas.  And that’s only after one day.

I want to encourage you to visit the sites of the speakers from the first day’s seminars, especially if you are any sort of entrepreneur or think you’d like to be one day.  They all have freebies that you may find useful

Cristi Cooke – Unleash Your Genius!  Learn about yourself by finding your unique genius, (and learn to market it).

PJ Hulle– Learn how to build your email list, (and go ahead and find her facebook page – she doesn’t restrict herself to dull business stuff on there – nope, this is like an actual person runs this business!)

Jeff Herring – Learn about content marketing – this is clever stuff.  Jeff is a psychologist and has really great insight into how to appeal to people’s nature!  He has developed templates to help you write fantastic content.

Michele PW – Learn how to write content to grow your business and engage potential clients.  One golden nugget?  Hardly – this lady speaks almost exclusively in golden nuggets!  


Start your learning curve today, by getting our free ebook, “10 Steps to a More Positive You”.

And go ahead and share your best learning experiences with us below!


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