Are you making these creative entrepreneurial mistakes?

3 mistakes of entrepreneurs

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I ended up with a bit of free time this morning to work on a project that’s been bugging my creative side for a few days and I’ve been keen to get down on paper.

I’d intended to spend about 45 minutes on it, but it was flowing so well that I just kept on going until it was done, so it’s now being released a few days ahead of schedule (YAY ME! – I LOVE it when that happens!)

Sooooo, all you writers, bloggers, artists, designers, creatives, and entrepreneurial types, this is FOR YOU.  If you fancy getting your hands on a free 8 page report, all about 3 common mistakes (yes, those horrible errors) that creative entrepreneurs make, and how to avoid them, click here right now –> FREE REPORT – 3 Common Mistakes Creative Entrepreneurs Make… And How to Avoid Them


Working with creative professionals and entrepreneurs is a particular passion of mine – I’m a pretty creative type myself (I can’t really help myself – it’s just the way my brain approaches things), so over the next few weeks you can expect to see more on this topic.

But I want your input.  Yes, YOU.

I’m running a survey to find out about what you feel your biggest obstacles to creativity are, as well as what holds you back from growing your creative business (if you have one).  It doesn’t matter what you do – writing, art, design, fashion, blogging, music, ideas…. the list goes on.  Your input will be really valuable.

AND for anyone that answers the survey and is happy to hand over their email address for our mailing list, not only will you receive the report above, but you’ll also get the chance to apply for one of a limited number of free one-to-one coaching sessions, or for a  heavily reduced-price pilot group coaching program.  Please don’t miss out on this opportunity – pass it on and share it around!

You’ll find our survey here –> Click here to take survey


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