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Congratulations Kirsty and Rick!

After my rather sad and contemplative article on Sunday, I wanted to follow up with a rather more happy and celebratory life event.

As you may know, I used to work in the world of weddings.  And I still have a number of contacts in that industry, including the owners of the incredible Balbirnie House Hotel in Fife.  So I was rather excited to hear that their fabulous wedding coordinator, Kirsty Balbirnie (yes, the name is coincidental!) got engaged at the weekend.  Here is how it happened…..

Something devastatingly romantic to bring you all some special joy on this cold Autumn day! 

Now that those nearest and dearest are aware, I am able to tell a rather special story.

From within our wedding planning dept., the very lovely Miss Kirsty Balbirnie arrived at work last Thursday morning, assuming it would be business just as usual.

9.30am I telephoned. ‘Kirsty, please do me a favour, I have a brand new Treasure Hunt which we can use for brides and grooms to familiarise with some of Balbirnie’s most romantic accumulated history. I need a volunteer to try it out’.

On an inspiration from Kirsty’s boyfiend Rick, a series of notes with accumulating hints led around the house, and eventually to Balbirnie’s twinkling dance floor, with the final note making crystal clear that Rick was waiting up on the second floor in Balbirnie’s bridal suite, with a particular question to ask!

Off came the shoes, and in history we have never seen any girl sprint from the Ballroom to the bridal suite as fast as that!!!!!

All best wishes Kirsty and Rick, wishing you every happiness. Nicholas / MD Balbirnie x”

Obviously I would like to send my congratulations to Kirsty and Rick, because it’s lovely news and very romantic.  But I want to share it with you, my awesome readers, because there’s something to be learned here.  So bear with me.

Rick planned something really imaginative and creative and special here.  Something that took some serious effort, and involved getting lots of others on board as well.  A lot of work went into this.  Why?  Because it was important to him.  He could have taken her for a nice walk or for a romantic dinner and dropped to one knee (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course) but he had an idea to do something a bit different.  Perhaps this way felt a bit more ‘right’ for them as a couple.  I’m darn sure he felt a bit nervous at the very least (is anyone not just a little bit nervous before they propose?) and he may well have been consumed with fear (lots of people are with big things like this). Maybe there were bits he found really difficult to organise.  But he went ahead and did it anyway, because it was right for them, and because IT WAS IMPORTANT.

He focused his energy into something that he needed to do to get his life to go in the direction he wanted.  He took action, and by doing so, he made it happen.  This is a principle that we can all employ, with our businesses, or with our personal lives.  We have to work out what big thing is going to move us in the right direction.  Then we have to break that big thing down into smaller things, things that are actually actionable.  Then we have to work through those things, relentlessly, bit by bit, because by doing that, we get closer to our goal.  And if we stick at it, and don’t give up, then we actually get there.  Maybe sooner than we thought was possible.

When something is really important to you, it pays to go for it, do it, work for it, jump the obstacles, fight the nerves and the fear, because at the end of it is the result you want.  Rick gets to marry Kirsty now.  Result.

But there’s more to be learned.  Let me give you another proposal story.

My husband and I decided to get married in a very informal, very relaxed way.  In fact, we were just enjoying a few minutes’ peace in our house one morning while our 13 month old son was still (unusually) asleep.  There was no ‘down on one knee’ moment.  We just had a very normal conversation, during which my husband suggest that we get married.  I said I thought that was a great idea.  So we went ahead and planned a wedding (which I have to say was the absolute best day ever).  Before you start thinking that sounds unromantic or too matter-of-fact or any other thoughts you might be thinking… let me stop you.  This was the perfect ‘proposal’ for us.  It was absolutely right for the kind of people that we are.  As far as I’m concerned, it was awesome.

If you apply this principle of doing what is right for you, or for YOUR business, rather than following someone else’s ‘formula’, you’re doing two things. 

  • You’re creating a story that is worth sharing, because it’s different from the hundreds of others out there. You’ll stand out from the crowd.
  • You’re staying true to your core values, or the core values of your business.  These should be at the heart of every decision you make, and will inform the way in which you carry out everything you do.  Understand your core values, and everything else will fall into place around them.

Want to learn how to apply these principles to yourself?  Take 2 minutes to answer these questions, and you’ll have the chance to get some FREE coaching AND get involved in a brand new pilot group program for creative business ownersDo it now, you’ve nothing to lose!

© Liz Wootton, 2013.  All Rights Reserved.


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