The Secret to Finding Your Motivation

motivational trainingMotivation is a funny thing.  It’s easy to get motivated when you’re doing something you enjoy.  If you have a jewellery making business, and you love the process of making jewellery, then you probably don’t often find that you have a problem motivating yourself to start a jewellery making project.

It’s NOT so easy to get motivated when you have a big project doing something you don’t enjoy so much.  So you love making jewellery.  You maybe don’t love doing your tax return, or writing marketing material.  You know that you should set up an infrastructure that means you don’t leave your entire tax return to the last minute and stress yourself out horribly.  You know that you should really write that press release or that website content because you need to do more that will bring in more business.  But finding the motivation to get started on these projects is really hard.  Especially when you have lots of other, day-to-day tasks to get done.

We are conditioned to feel that we need to feel motivated to start a job well, because motivation will help us to do a good job.  And if we don’t feel motivated, we won’t do it well.  The BIG PROBLEM with this?  If it’s a job we don’t like doing much, then motivation will only turn up when that job becomes really urgent.  The result?  A stressed out, rushed job, and a stressed out business owner who wishes they could be more like those other people who apparently don’t seem to have a problem getting motivated to do this stuff.

Luckily, there is an answer to this.  And it’s not about hiring someone who has no problem getting motivated.  You’re simply looking for motivation in the wrong place.  And all it takes is a small shift in mindset.

I’m very excited to launch a new training workshop, called The Secret to Finding Your Motivation.  The best thing about it (apart from the small, very simple, but extremely effective, mindset shift that you’ll learn) is that it is completely FREE.  You can take advantage simply by filling in the details below.  You’ll then receive an email containing the links you’ll need to get access to the essential workshop, and the worksheets that accompany it.

Register right now for this free training
(even if you’re not feeling motivated! – ESPECIALLY if you’re not feeling motivated!)

You’ll receive an email within 24 hours containing everything you need to take part in this fantastic free workshop.  From time to time you’ll also get info on other training, events and tips from us, but you can opt out at any time.

Looking forward to you joining me for this training!


Creative business e-course starts February 11th 2014 – a four week program that will have you busting through some of the biggest blocks to productivity and creativity, for just £35 or US$52!  Enrol right now –


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