The Deadly Cost of Doing Too Many Things at Once

Today I am inspired to share this story from Jill Konrath, whose blog on sales strategies I subscribe to. For those of you who read my blog regularly, or have worked with me, you will know that multi-tasking is something I strongly discourage.  On a regular basis.  My usual stance is that multi-tasking is counterproductive.  It actually reduces productivity, makes us less efficient, and so on.

But today, Jill shared this chilling and very personal story, which I urge you to read.  It is not a story about sales.  It is a sharp reminder of how our brains are simply not wired to manage more than one task at once.  It is an account of the sometimes deadly cost of multi-tasking.

I am impelled to share it, not just because I thoroughly applaud efforts to stop people using mobile phones while driving, but also because it highlights the dangers of trying to do too many things at once, whatever they may be, and the terrible stresses that ‘urgency’ can impose on us.

It highlights the importance of taking a moment to think about our actions.  Taking a step back to think of the real cost, the human cost, to ourselves and to those around us, of what we do.

©Liz Wootton, 2014.  All Rights Reserved.


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