Life is short. It’s time to stop procrastinating…

If you’ve ever wondered what your life would look like if it was represented by jelly beans (which admittedly, you probably haven’t), you’re about to find out.  Watch the video – it might just be the kick up the proverbial that you need to get started on whatever it is that you’re putting off.

So ask yourself, first of all, what matters most to you?  What important things are you avoiding or putting off?

Procrastination isn’t just about not having time to do something.   As you can see from this video, you can easily fill your time with all sorts of things – you can easily become ‘busy’.  But the question is, are you busy doing the right things?  The things that really matter?

Are you doing the things that make your jelly beans more satisifying?

If  not, then the next stage is to find out what you need to do.  Work out what action you need to take to move you onward.

And then, (and this is the all important bit), find out what’s been stopping you.  What has been holding you back from taking that action?  And what still IS holding you back?  When you start to recognise the sticking points that you have, you can start to unstick yourself.

Is it really that simple? Well, the short answer is Yes.  But simple isn’t the same as easy.

The problem is that you put off the getting unstuck bit.  Unsticking yourself can be really hard work, because it usually involves stepping outside of a comfort zone.  It’s a bit scary.  It involves uncertainty.  Sometimes it can feel more comfortable to stay where you are, even when you know that where you are isn’t where you really want to stay.  And that’s why you get so busy just being busy, instead of focusing on taking the actions that will move you forwards.  It’s easier to think, “I’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

But time is not unlimited.  Seeing it in jelly beans makes it seem pretty short, in fact… what can you do today to make the most of it?

©Liz Wootton, 2014.  All Rights Reserved.


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