Who We Are

All the workings of Human Nature are overseen by husband and wife team, Mark and Liz Wootton.

Liz Wootton business coach vancouver islandLiz Wootton is an Entrepreneur and former Director of Organizational Development. She owned and ran an award winning bridal retail business in the UK for many years, and her passion for getting the best out of people led her towards a career in business and personal coaching. She has worked in industries as diverse as optoelectronics, theatre, and automotive, and coached business leaders across the globe.  She has been described as being ‘the perfect mix of genuine, encouraging and giving a kick up the behind when need be’.

Liz’s black belt in Goju Ryu Karate doesn’t stop her enjoying the odd ballet class, or an occasional evening of knitting.

Mark Wootton MBTI Coach

Mark Wootton led the Ranger Service in Fife, Scotland, for 18 years before starting Human Nature Development in 2010, and then moving to British Columbia in 2014.  He is a qualified MBTI consultant (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), and has a particular talent for working on team dynamics, and teambuilding in organizations.

As well as having a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate, Mark coaches the local Football team, the Comox Valley Raiders.


Mark and Liz use methods that encompass their many talents and interests, including techniques for developing self awareness and recognising habitual patterns, the natural world, stress- and time- management tools, MBTI, and methods developed from their martial arts training.  The result is an inspiring and unique mix of fun, interesting ways for you to get better at what you do.

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