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“The future belongs to those who can confidently ask for what they want.”

I want YOU to gain that confidence, to learn those skills, and to work through the fear of asking for what YOU want, so you can grab YOUR future and run with it.

I want 10 women to join me
for a group coaching mastermind in early 2021

Are you ready to…

Do you hate putting yourself out there?

Do you dread people thinking you’re pushy?

Do you put your own needs and wants low down the list of priorities?

Do you avoid putting yourself in a position where you might get rejected or told ‘no’?

Are you dreaming the dreams, but not getting closer to making them a reality?

This mastermind journey is for YOU.

Over six weeks, we will delve into the tools and skills you need to confidently ask for what you want in work and in life. 

This is accountability, skill development, support and guidance specially designed for women like you. 

Liz’s Story

The future belongs to those who can confidently ask for what they want.
I used to read this quote and think, “I’m screwed then.”
I hated asking for anything, especially if it was for me. I was raised to believe that asking for things made me an inconvenience or a burden. I thought that asking for things was disrespectful because it would make the other person uncomfortable. I learned that asking was ‘pushy’.
I even felt jealousy when I watched other people get what they wanted by asking for it – I actually felt like I was being punished for doing what I was taught to believe was the right thing, especially as a woman.  How unfortunate that I should also end up having an unsuppressible entrepreneurial streak… running a business when you’re scared to ask for things makes life difficult.
I have had to learn a different belief system – a new way of thinking about “asking”, and a new way of behaving – I have had to challenge my fears and find courage!
I want to share what I have learned. I want to help YOU learn to ask for what YOU want – to help you grow and reach your goals.

Why join this mastermind?

You’ll build a toolbox of actionable skills and techniques that you can use to:

What becomes possible for you
if you could confidently ask for what you want?

It's time to grab hold of the future you're supposed to have.

What you’ll get:

  • 6 weekly group coaching sessions led by Liz Wootton (90 minutes each), starting Wednesday January 20th 2021 at 10am Pacific
  • Digital and printed learning materials so you can build your own set of tools to support you even after the mastermind is complete
  • Tasks and challenges to gently encourage you outside of your comfort zone
  • The opportunity to build relationships with other women like you
  • Positive accountability to guide and support your growth and learning
  • A kind, compassionate, empathetic coaching style combined with just the right amount of kick-in-the-pants leadership from Liz

All this for an investment of only $ 249 (CAD)

"Liz is my ‘go-to’ whenever I get stuck in a rut with my business. Her coaching sessions give me clarity and direction. She is quick to grasp issues, both from a business and human perspective, and understands how the two are intertwined. Her sessions always leaving me feeling positive."
Anna Abrahams
Director, Inspirit London

This is for you if:

  • You identify as a woman
  • You’re open to growth and change
  • You’re ready to commit to weekly sessions over 6 weeks starting January 20th
  • You’re willing to be a full participant in the group and respect confidentiality, boundaries and the creation of a safe space for all participants

This is not for you if:

  • You’re not ready or willing to commit the time or effort to this process
  • You do not feel able to participate in a group setting or able to respect confidentiality, boundaries or the creation of a safe space for all
  • You (or someone else) would suffer financial hardship by investing in this program

Got questions?

If you're not sure if this is right for you, or you need to know more before you can decide, I'm here and ready to answer as best I can! Please send me an email direct to liz@humannaturedevelopment.com with any questions you'd like me to answer.
Ask away.

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