Choosing Your Battles

I often talk about unavoidable stress.  Particularly when it comes to running your own business.  Because there's plenty of stressful things involved in running a business that you simply can't avoid. But do you ever find yourself getting stressed out over little things that maybe you could choose to react differently to?  In other words, … Continue reading Choosing Your Battles


Freedom Within a Framework – a Model for Rule Breakers and Routine Haters

Hate rigidity?  Hate Schedules?  Try working like Benjamin Franklin.  Let me explain. I'm not really into rigidity.  I hate scheduling that doesn't allow me room to wriggle and adjust.  In fact, I know myself well enough to know that if I impose too tight a schedule on myself then I'll just break it.  Almost deliberately. … Continue reading Freedom Within a Framework – a Model for Rule Breakers and Routine Haters

Stop Trying to Do So Much

I have a short, but important message for you today.  You're not superhuman.   And that's OK.  You don't have to do everything. Parents rush home from work to  take their kids to one activity or another, then they grab food on the run and rush off to a fitness class themselves.  People do a … Continue reading Stop Trying to Do So Much

Be Your Own Valentine. Love Yourself.

My husband and I have never really made a very big deal of Valentine's Day.  Mainly because we both feel that love isn't about a single day when you take time out to say 'I love you'.  It's about making that effort every day.  And on a very personal level, Valentine's Day took on a … Continue reading Be Your Own Valentine. Love Yourself.

Empathy Could Save Your Business

You will have heard the saying 'The Customer is Always Right'.  To be honest, I'm not sure I really agree with that.  My years of experience as the owner of a retail bridal store  taught me that, actually, frequently customers aren't right.  They can be armed with many myths (thank you, Internet) and ideas that … Continue reading Empathy Could Save Your Business

The Secret to Finding Your Motivation

Motivation is a funny thing.  It's easy to get motivated when you're doing something you enjoy.  If you have a jewellery making business, and you love the process of making jewellery, then you probably don't often find that you have a problem motivating yourself to start a jewellery making project. It's NOT so easy to … Continue reading The Secret to Finding Your Motivation