Human Nature offers a flexible approach to personal coaching.  It can be offered on a one-to-one basis, or in a group setting, either in person or via phone/internet.

What is coaching?

Let’s answer this question first of all.  The best way to think of it is like sports coaching.  A coach works with an individual, to help them identify what they need to work on, and then devise a ‘training plan’ for that person to make progress, and develop the areas they need to develop in order to get better at what they do.

I don’t have a ‘problem’ exactly.  Why get a coach?

Coaches aren’t brought in just to solve problems.  That may be part of their job.  But actually they are there to get the absolute best out of the coachee.  Again, use the sports coach idea.  You don’t expect a team, or an athlete, just to train on their own and be able to get to the highest standards they are capable of without any outside help.  A coach’s job is to help that team or athlete to get the best out of themselves.  To realise their potential.

You are not superhuman.  It’s ok not to do everything on your own, or be an expert at absolutely everything.  A coach can help you to bring the best out in yourself, help you find ways to learn the things that will develop you, and get you or the people around you working more effectively.

What can Human Nature help with?

We are all about personal effectiveness.  (“What’s that?”  I hear you cry.) Well, it’s about making you more effective at what you do.  We can work with you on Goal Setting and Planning for your Business, Stress Resilience and Fear of Failure, Time Management and Productivity, Leadership, Positivity, and Communication Skills.  Coaching means that we can address the issues that are most pertinent to you.  You will learn about yourself, and learn about the best way to move your business forwards.

Why choose us?  

Well, if you like genuine warmth and support, an approach that treats you like an individual, and practical advice you can actually implement, then we are for you.  We use techniques that are drawn from many fields and experiences, giving us access to a great big toolbox of ideas that mean you can find the best ones for you.

Want to know more?  Book a Free, No Obligation, Discovery Session to discuss your needs with us.


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