One-To-One Coaching

The Usain Bolt frameTo Develop the Business, Develop the Person.

Whether your business comprises one person or 500 people, your people are your best asset. That includes you, as the owner or CEO or leader.

The more effective the leadership, the more effective the business, and if you want to lead your business to success (who doesn’t?!), being as effective as you can be is of paramount importance.


Running a business isn’t just about doing what you love.  You can find yourself doing tasks or in situations that you don’t necessarily feel comfortable with, that you’re not naturally good at.  You can find yourself having to do all sorts of things you don’t actually like.  Having to do things you don’t like can have you performing under-par, suffering stress, or feeling negative, and all of this can have a drastically detrimental effect on your business.

Our one-to-one personal coaching allows you to address the specific issues you are facing.

We tailor our approach to you so it works best for you.  You work at a pace that suits you, whether that’s an explosive half or full day to get you results right away, or a series of sessions over a number of weeks to give you a gradual progression.

Liz and Mark draw from their wide experiences in small business, organizational development, life coaching, martial arts, the performing arts, and MBTI, to bring you a coaching experience that is unique and completely tailored to you.

We can coach you in person*, via phone, or via Skype/internet.  You can book several sessions over a number of weeks, or a full day VIP session, or anything in between.  The best approach can be determined by having an informal chat with us, or during a discovery session.

Step One: Book a Free Discovery Session

This is the first stage, and is offered at no cost to you and with absolutely no obligation to take the coaching further if you don’t want to.  The idea is that you have a chance to talk in depth about the issues you’re facing, explore where you’d like to be, and find out whether working with Human Nature is the right move for you.  It’s a two way process, and it means we can all be sure that we’re going to have a good working partnership.  It will allow us to come up with ideas for the best way to get you where you need to be.  And we like for you to take away some positive action from this session, whether you choose to work with us or not, so you’ve absolutely nothing to lose, and potentially a huge amount to gain, by booking your Free Discovery Session today.

Book your Discovery Session now, by phone on +44(0)131 463 0932, or by email , or fill in the contact form below.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, you’ll organize your coaching in blocks, at a pace to suit you, so you can have them over a number of weeks, or all in a few days.  Or you can arrange a VIP day to get accelerated results.  We’d normally recommend a minimum of three sessions to get you started.

Three Session Block: £185

Six Session Block: £350

Accelerated Results VIP day: £399

The key is flexibility, so if you want to discuss a different arrangement, just ask!

Want to know more?  Just get in touch!  We promise there is a real person at the end of our email, and we’ll aim to respond to any contact within 24 hours.


*Coaching in person is normally offered within a reasonable radius of our office in Fife, Scotland.  If you require in-person coaching at another location, please ask for information and a quote.


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