Free Discovery Session

What is a Discovery Session?  Before anyone embarks on any sort of coaching or training program, we think it’s really important that they know for sure that it’s right for them.  And that’s why we offer a free, no obligation, Discovery Session for any prospective clients, BEFORE you decide what to do.

Why do you do this? Coaching and training will be far more effective if you like and trust the person you’re working with, so we believe it’s very important for you to get to know us before you make any commitment!  It’s an opportunity for you to talk through your specific situation, get to know Liz or Mark before you invest in working with them.  They can offer advice on the best program for you – perhaps the program you are thinking of isn’t quite right for you.  Or perhaps there’s a better way to deliver it for your organization.

What if we aren’t a fit? That’s why this session is at no cost to you, and it’s offered with no obligation.  Usually, if there isn’t a fit, we’ll pick it up at least as early as you.  And we will never try to force you into investing in a program that isn’t right – we want any clients to be successful, and that can’t happen if we don’t click!  Don’t worry – part of our commitment to you is that if we don’t think we are the right people to help you, we will let you know.

What does it cost? Zero,nothing, nada. It’s free.  You’ve nothing to lose.

How do we meet? Usually by phone, Skype, or online meeting.  If you’re in the Comox Valley, BC, then we can arrange to meet in person.

How do I book one?  Like everything at Human Nature, it’s simple.  Just fill in the form below, click submit, and we’ll get back to you asap to get it in the calendar!