Clutter and Organisation

Decluttering coaching

Look familiar?

If you ever look round your home and wonder where on earth to start clearing it up, or look at images of tidy houses and wish that your own could offer that sense of peace and calm, then our professional decluttering advice and services might just be what you need.

Dealing with clutter can be daunting.  Deciding what to do with it all isn’t simply a case of working out what to throw away, because just throwing it away can be hard.  Friends and family aren’t always as helpful as we think, either, because what works for them may not work for us, and there’s always the fear of judgement.  And getting someone else to clear it all up for us is very rarely an option (imagine if they got rid of something important?!)

Working with a coach on decluttering and organising is not simply about getting rid of all your things, or just having a blitz on a room and getting it tidy for a while.  It’s about understanding yourself, and making changes that help you get on top, and STAY on top, of your stuff.  It’s totally non-judgemental, and you can relax in the knowledge that you, and only you, will make decisions about what happens to all your stuff.  We help you make those decisions simple by suggesting tried and tested techniques, and empower you to let go of the clutter that is holding you back from where you want to be.

We can offer decluttering services in person in and around the Fife area, or support via Skype or telephone.  We highly recommend using video on Skype for this service if you have access to it, as it helps us if we can see the space you want to declutter.

Please contact us for more information, to discuss your needs, or to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.


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