Solopreneur Development

Being in business on your own is a unique experience.  It can be amazing.  It can also be isolating, exhausting, frustrating, frightening, and well… challenging!

Positivity frameThe realization that there is way more to your business than just the product or service you provide can be a big wake-up call.  As the owner, you have to wear ALL the hats, but you still only have one head.  Suddenly you realize that you are responsible for sales, marketing, accounting, production, logistics, customer service… and all the rest of it as well.  You’re the CEO and the Janitor all rolled into one.  And you find that:

  • You spend more time doing your non-favourite tasks than the thing you started the business to do in the first place.
  • Worse, you spend all your time doing the things you love, and you can’t get motivated to do important things that you hate or fear doing.
  • You feel like you’ve lost control of your time(maybe even your life) and you can never get away from your business.
  • You’re always busy, but don’t always feel very productive.
  • Your business isn’t growing the way you want or need it to.
  • You want to grow but you’re stuck because you can’t figure out how.
  • You have no one to bounce ideas off, and no one to hold you accountable.
  • You have no one to give you encouragement or recognition for all the hard work you do!


The Usain Bolt frameHiring a coach means having a personal champion – someone who understands what it’s like for you, believes in you and who will get behind your business like it was their own.  It means having someone to bounce your ideas around with, and who you know and trust will give you honest and constructive feedback.  It means having someone to hold you accountable so you can actually reach the goals you set.  It means having a safe place to address your fears, your limiting beliefs, and to self-reflect.

Regardless of previous success or experience, we all need a hand sometimes to get unstuck.  No one can be an expert at everything!

 Enrol in our coaching program and…

  • Figure out what’s getting in the way of where you want to go with your business, and create a plan to fix it. We will give you specific tools to help you get past the obstacles in your way.
  • Clarity of Direction – your coach will help you stay on track and avoid Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.
  • Set goals, and more importantly, get help with the difficult bit – reaching them!
  • Learn to deal constructively with mistakes (and we all make ’em!)
  • Find ways to talk confidently about your business, and blast away the doubts that creep in.
  • Get over fear of selling.
  • Find what makes you different, even if you’re selling the same products and services as other people.
  • Get clear on your purpose and your values.
  • Get back control of your time, your task list, and your priorities.
  • Learn practical ways to deal with the stress of having it all resting on your shoulders.


We understand that business coaching is an investment, but we also know that it can make all the difference for those who seriously want to succeed.  We recogize the unique position that sole operators are in, and the unique set of challenges they face!  Our plan is designed to be affordable and add extra value for small, single-person businesses.

  12 month program


6 month program


Customized coaching plan Yes Yes
1 x one-to-one coaching session/mth Yes Yes
Phone and email support Yes Yes
Automatic enrolment to our free small business training resources Yes Yes
10% off any other Human Nature Development Courses or Programs Yes Yes
Additional Ad-Hoc Coaching sessions Available – please ask Available – please ask


How to Get Started: Book a completely free, no obligation Discovery Session, by calling 250-871-7872, or complete this form:


It is vital that we are a good fit for each other, and this informal chat is a great way to figure that out, before you commit to anything! Tell us where you’re at right now, and what you hope to achieve, and from there we start to formulate a plan.  Only when you’re happy do we book a date to get started!