Empathy Could Save Your Business

You will have heard the saying 'The Customer is Always Right'.  To be honest, I'm not sure I really agree with that.  My years of experience as the owner of a retail bridal store  taught me that, actually, frequently customers aren't right.  They can be armed with many myths (thank you, Internet) and ideas that … Continue reading Empathy Could Save Your Business


Why You Shouldn’t Wait Till Times Are Bad to Work On Yourself

Most of us will probably only think about working on ourselves, in terms of personal development, when we actually identify that we have a problem we want to solve.  We trundle along with what feels 'normal' for us, whether that's actually a good baseline or not.  But it feels normal, so we don't necessarily see … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Wait Till Times Are Bad to Work On Yourself

Share your gratitude, don’t keep it to yourself

As a coach, I understand a lot about gratitude.  I know that practising gratitude daily works to help you to be more positive.  Exercising your brain to find things to be grateful for each day is really effective.  If you can start your morning with a quick thought about something good in your life, you've … Continue reading Share your gratitude, don’t keep it to yourself

Empathy: the Stuff of Champions

Talking to a friend the other day, we got around to discussing a horrible situation she had been in.  She'd found out she had been the subject of gossip.  It was all rather unpleasant, and she had understandably been rather upset by it. She didn't feel she had done anything wrong, so felt utter indignation … Continue reading Empathy: the Stuff of Champions

Having a Down Day

Here at Human Nature, we talk a lot about optimism, being positive, productive, and generally moving your life or business in a forwards direction. But we don't want to give you false impressions here. From time to time, you'll have a down day. It might be caused by something in particular - you might feel … Continue reading Having a Down Day