Be Your Own Valentine. Love Yourself.

My husband and I have never really made a very big deal of Valentine's Day.  Mainly because we both feel that love isn't about a single day when you take time out to say 'I love you'.  It's about making that effort every day.  And on a very personal level, Valentine's Day took on a … Continue reading Be Your Own Valentine. Love Yourself.


Why You Shouldn’t Wait Till Times Are Bad to Work On Yourself

Most of us will probably only think about working on ourselves, in terms of personal development, when we actually identify that we have a problem we want to solve.  We trundle along with what feels 'normal' for us, whether that's actually a good baseline or not.  But it feels normal, so we don't necessarily see … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Wait Till Times Are Bad to Work On Yourself

One Small Positive Thought….

Today I wanted to share this lovely photo and the thought behind it, because it encompasses two ideas that I thoroughly believe in.  This is taken from A Craft A Day Keeps Boredom Away. The first is just what the saying says, that One Small Positive Thought In the Morning Can Change Your Whole Day. … Continue reading One Small Positive Thought….

An Inspiring Free Gift!

We thought it was about time we offered you lovely readers something.  So I have written this highly readable little ebook for you to download.  It's called "10 Steps to a More Positive You", and it contains lots of tips to help you approach life more positively.  I'm very excited to share it with you. … Continue reading An Inspiring Free Gift!

Having a Down Day

Here at Human Nature, we talk a lot about optimism, being positive, productive, and generally moving your life or business in a forwards direction. But we don't want to give you false impressions here. From time to time, you'll have a down day. It might be caused by something in particular - you might feel … Continue reading Having a Down Day