Inspiration is Everywhere

Inspiration is everywhere.  Even in the most mundane of tasks.  Today I'm actually not working, and wasn't planning on blogging, so this will be a quickie, but I got hit with creative inspiration in the most unlikely of tasks.  Let me tell you how. I've actually spent most of the day cleaning my house in … Continue reading Inspiration is Everywhere


Achieve more. Change What If? to If…What…?

So often it's the little shifts in our thinking that can make all the difference.  If you have a dream, or a goal, or something you want to achieve, here's a simple mind-shift to try. Dreams might start up with 'What If...?' questions: What If I ran my own business? What If I made more … Continue reading Achieve more. Change What If? to If…What…?

The Art of Focus, or Multitasking and How to Avoid It

If you ever struggle to get 'on task' - really just sit down and get on with a piece of work or a job that needs doing - you're not alone.  For anyone who works from home, or runs their own business, there can be a myriad of Life's Little Distractions trying to tempt you … Continue reading The Art of Focus, or Multitasking and How to Avoid It

Productivity, Level: AWESOME

Yesterday I had one of those fantastically productive days.   You know the ones where the hours seem to go by slowly enough to allow you to achieve more than you'd thought you possibly could?  The ones where you have masses of energy and can just keep going?  And at the end of the day you … Continue reading Productivity, Level: AWESOME