The Five Pillars of Stress Resilience

Stress Resilience ManagementPressure, stress, burnout.  Three major problems, that might feel like they are almost unavoidable in the job you have.  The only way to avoid them would be to leave your job completely, and that’s not an option.  But when stress levels are high, your performance is drastically reduced, your productivity goes down the drain, the risk of mistakes rises, work is no longer fun, and perhaps most seriously, your health and your life outside of work is affected.  You barely avoid burning out, if at all.

Stress Resilience ebookFeeling stressed out does not feel good.  And whether you’ve experienced it before or not, if you’re a business owner, or in a management position, you are at risk of stress and burnout.

While pressure may be an intrinsic part of the job you do, the good news is that you can learn to deal with it more effectively, and avoid high stress and burnout altogether.

How?  Build your Resilience.

I teach business owners and managers like you to deal proactively with the intrinsic stresses and pressures of their positions – to improve their resilience, using my original 5 step program, the Five Pillars of Stress Resilience.

My story…
I know what it’s like – I’ve been there myself.  I understand all too well the dangers of high stress levels, and how easy it is to find yourself in a position where it all feels too much.  I developed this program almost by accident: I had spent several years working on myself, through physical exercise and personal development.  Previously I hadn’t been all that great under pressure – I had suffered with stress in a number of situations prior to that point (hard to avoid, when you run a bridal store!), that had almost left me at crumbling point.  So when I found myself in a couple of very stressful, high pressure situations at the same time, I was quite flabbergasted to find myself feeling positive, energetic, pragmatic, and able to cope admirably.  I started to analyze what had happened.  Clearly it wasn’t a magic trick; something had changed, but what was it?  And as I worked out that it wasn’t just one thing that was responsible, it was a combination of factors that I had been working on, completely separately from each other, I realized I had inadvertently created a system for stress resilience that could help other people have the same experience.

pillarsThis program walks you through 5 key areas encompassing activity, attitude and mindset to develop a personalized plan of action for increasing your resilience to stress.  Imagine a heavy roof, being held up by pillars. The pillars are your resilience, and the roof is the pressure you are under.   If there are 5 pillars, and each is strong and well built, they will hold up a very heavy roof.  But if there are only 2 pillars, and they are thin and broken down, they are unlikely to be able to hold up much at all.

The Five Pillars of Stress Resilience Program helps you to:

  • Identify your biggest sources of stress and pro-actively address them before they become a major problem.
  • Build on what you already have, and what you are already doing, using your existing activities and positive behaviours as a base to create your personalized plan.
  • Find out which areas are your weakest, and make a plan of action to improve those.

So when the pressure is on, you will be able to:

  • Maintain higher performance
  • Keep your productivity levels at their maximum
  • Make fewer mistakes (or none at all!)
  • Have more fun
  • Stay in good health
  • Have more energy for life outside of work
  • Recover more quickly from the high-pressure situation

The Five Pillars Program can be delivered in private, one-to-one coaching, in a workshop setting for your management team, or you can attend a workshop training day at selected venues (see our Workshop Program for dates).  In each of these settings, we create your own personalized plan together, for building your own Five Pillars.

do-this-nowSound good?  Your next step is to book a free Discovery Session with me.  We simply arrange to chat about your situation, talk more about the program and how it will help you, and most importantly, see if we are a good fit to work together.  It’s totally free,  and with no obligation to you to continue with the program if you don’t feel it’s right for you.  

This Program is for you if any of the following apply:

  • You own a business or are in a management/leadership role
  • You are required to deal with pressure situations effectively (usually goes with the territory of the above roles!)
  • You are required to perform to a high level and meet high expectations (either from customers, your team, or your boss – or your family)
  • You would like to get back to having fun at work again
  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything that’s expected of you
  • You would like to proactively reduce the negative impact that stressful situations have on you
  • As a bonus you’d like to improve some other parts of your life as well (because that’s usually what happens when you do this program!)

Some people tell me, ‘I’m not really that stressed at the moment,’ or, ‘I don’t tend to find that stress is really a problem for me right now’.  Well, that’s great, for now.  But if you are in a job which carries responsibility (whether that is financial responsibility, people-management, deadline-driven tasks, or responsibility for keeping customers happy), the probability that you will have to deal with pressure, and stress, is high.  If you’re resilient-by-accident right now, that will keep you going until you inadvertently stop doing the things that keep you resilient.  Without understanding fully what you need to stay resilient, your risk of succumbing to stress is just as high as anyone else’s.  You need to be conscious of what works for you.

The Five Pillars System will help you to identify the things you currently do without thinking, build on them, and add to them, creating you a solid plan that you can refer to whenever the need arises.

In fact, working on building resilience BEFORE you feel really stressed will amplify your results.  The idea is to prevent stress happening in the first place,

 Book your Discovery Session to find out more.

You might be thinking, ‘Well, I work out when I’m feeling stressed out, and that works for me.’  Great, and I would highly recommend that you keep doing that.  But what other coping mechanisms do you have?  What happens if you can’t work out for some reason, because your time is too short (which often happens when pressure is high), or because you’re injured?

Most  people will identify one strategy they have to help them feel less stressed.  The beauty of the Five Pillars System is that is helps you build 5 strategies in 5 different areas.  The stronger your Pillars, the better they keep up the roof!

  Book your Discovery Session to find out more.

How does it work?

The Five Pillars Program is delivered through:

  • private, one-to-one coaching on a schedule to suit you
  • at a scheduled workshop at selected venues
  • in-house especially for a group at your business

We work together through each Pillar, and through a process of discussion and brainstorming, we build your personalized plan together to develop strength in each of the 5 Pillars.  By the end, you should have a good self-awareness of how pressure impacts you, and understand in simple terms, with a solid plan, what you need to do about it.

For teams, the Program can also be delivered in a private workshop (just book a discovery session to find out more about that).  You can also check our calendar of group training days at select venues or online for a cost effective way to learn the pillars and create your own Resilience Plan.

do-this-nowBut initially, all you need to do is talk to me!  I highly recommend a Discovery Session, where we simply get together (by phone, Skype, or in person if geography allows) to discuss your situation, and see if we are a good fit to work together.  This is completely free, and offered with no obligation to continue with the program if you don’t feel it’s right for you. 

Regardless of how awesome the program is, coaching will only be effective if you like, listen to, trust and believe me, so first all I will ask for is an opportunity to find out if that’s the case!


Work-related stress is one of the biggest causes of lost productivity in Canadian businesses.  Lost productivity in business immediately translates to lost income.  So if you can learn to proactively deal with work-related stress, how much is that worth to your business?

Then think about your current coping strategies on a personal level.  How much do you spend on:

  • Wine and other booze
  • Retail ‘therapy’
  • Spa treatments for relaxation
  • Treats to make you feel better
  • Eating out because you’re too stressed to cook
  • A gym membership (which you barely use but you keep because in theory working-out helps with stress)
  • Treating the kids to make up for you not being so much fun lately…

In fact, there is often a direct correlation between high stress levels and the tendency to overspend.  Spending feels good in the short term, but can lead to even more stress in the long term.  It’s time to end that cycle!

do-this-nowPerhaps the question is more about whether you can afford NOT to address your stress.  Book your Free Stress Resilience Discovery Session NOW.  Remember, there is no obligation to continue with paid coaching or training if it’s not right for you.  And I really look forward to talking to you.