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Human Nature Development

If you run a business, you want to focus your time and energy on the things you are passionate about – selling and developing your excellent product or service, and keeping your customers happy.  After all, that’s why you started your business in the first place.

But as your business grows, and you add people to the team, you can find yourself dealing with a whole new layer of issues, and spending more and more time and energy dealing with ‘people problems’ than on anything else.  Employees bring challenges – hiring, firing, staff turnover, employee retention, performance issues, conflict, accountability…

When your people aren’t doing their job, you pick up the slack.  And that builds resentment – you didn’t hire people just so you could work longer and harder yourself, and yet that’s where many business owners find themselves, particularly after a period of growth or change.

You can end up frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed out. It can feel like your business is running you.


Your people can be your biggest asset, not your biggest headache. Your people can make your business greater, not make your job harder.

Human Nature Development is an Organizational Development Consultant, specializing in Leadership and People Management for small to medium sized businesses.  We are passionate about simple, practical, and ethical leadership.

We teach you simple, ethical, practical tools, skills and principles of great leadership, tailored to your business, which apply whether you have 1 employee or 150.  We help you implement them in real time in your business, and provide sustained support and guidance, so you can:

  • improve employee retention
  • build your winning team
  • have happier employees
  • get comfortable with great leadership at all levels
  • improve productivity and effectiveness

Ultimately, you will lay down foundations for sustainable growth in your business.  Create the right conditions, get the right people in the right seats, using the right processes, and keep them there.

Human Nature Development helps you get the best out of your people, so you can get the best out of your business.

The first step? A simple conversation so we can learn about your business, and figure out if we are a fit to work together.  No cost, no obligation (we’ll even buy the coffee).  Call us today on 250-650-9632 to get your appointment on the calendar.