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Registration for the Beta program is open now, and gives you three months membership for only $97 (that’s less than $33 CAD a month)!

Work.Life.Smarts is here! This powerful membership program will help you build healthy, sustainable habits for better work and a better life.  If you’re ready to make real and lasting change, become happier, healthier, live more intentionally, and learn how to stop getting in your own way on your quest to reach your goals, this program is for you.  Watch the video to find our more details…

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Work.Life.Smarts makes continuous improvement simple and realistic.  This subscription based membership program explores a new topic each month, and combines online learning resources with a workbook to guide you step by step.

We would all love to make meaningful change overnight, but if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know how hard that is.  We are driven by deep rooted habits which can get in the way of us making real and lasting change.  You set a goal, you learn some skills, but it’s what you do every day which counts.  Work.Life.Smarts will pave the way for YOU make the lasting change to your habits that will bridge the gap between setting your goals and actually achieving them.

Time management, productivity, boundary setting, confidence, self-care, the role our emotions play… we explore these topics and much more in Work.Life.Smarts, in a simple, realistic and accessible way, alongside the busy life we know you have.

Created by coach, Liz Wootton, Work.Life.Smarts is based on years of experience working one-on-one and in group settings with business owners, managers and leaders.  Liz incorporates themes from her training in Karate, Alexander Technique, the arts, business, and life coaching. and combines them in a super-simple format that makes change possible.

The Work.Life.Smarts Beta Program is our early access trial program, and it’s open now, for only $97, giving you three full months access.  Even better, you’ll be grandfathered in at that rate ($97/quarter) for as long as you keep your membership active!

Here’s what your membership includes:

Core Principles lead you through the fundamentals of successful habit building and help you get the most from each topic we work on. You’ll find videos, audio, and written guides in the Core Principles library which you can refer to any time and with any monthly topic.

Monthly Topics: each month of the year we cover a different aspect of healthy, sustainable habits. The online and written materials to accompany the topic will guide you through a process of applying this habit to your life in a way that is relevant and personal to you.

Live Coaching/Q&A Session monthly: With each monthly topic, you’ll have access to a live online session with Liz Wootton, the creator of Work.Life.Smarts. You can ask questions to help you get more from the monthly topic, and learn from other members’ questions too.

Work.Life.Smarts Binder: When you sign up for your membership, you’ll receive a special binder in the mail, containing all of the Core Principles in written format, and space to add monthly topic guides and worksheets.  

Work.Life.Smarts is brand new. A Beta run of it is like a pilot – a test program.  One of our Core Values is Continuous Improvement, and that means we recognize the value of learning by doing.  The lessons that come out of trying something, even when we are confident we have got a program that’s high quality, can be taken forwards and used to make it even better.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means you get a sweet deal on early access to the program.  For just $97 you get three months of the program (that’s less than $33 CAD a month). In exchange, we’ll ask you for a bit of focused feedback – which means you get to influence the future direction of Work.Life.Smarts… pretty cool. And, as an extra thank you for being an early adopter, we want to grandfather you in at just $97 a quarter for as long as you keep your membership active.  Like I said, sweet deal.

Ready to enrol? Purchase your membership now.

Got questions? No problem. Email liz@humannaturedevelopment.com – and ask away. Liz will get back to you personally.

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