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Work.Life.Smarts is a program developed by Liz Wootton, designed for business owners and leaders who are ready to take back control of their work-life balance, heal burnout, and make room for a happier, healthier life.

Many of us start a business to create freedom – to do work that we love, and build a life we can enjoy. The reality, however, can feel far from this.

We end up working long hours to get a business off the ground. We sacrifice time with family and friends. We give up leisure activities to make room for more work,

We get sucked into “hustle culture”. Working longer and harder becomes a habit, and we start to believe that this is the only path to success. Work-life balance feels like a pipe-dream, something we can only hope for after retirement. We become exhausted, burned out, miserable… and the business we started to create freedom can feel more like a prison.

Liz created Work.Life.Smarts to turn hustle culture on its head. For her, success in business is not about size or growth for the sake of growth. It means creating a business that is sustainable over a long period of time (or indefinitely): something that can keep going. To create a sustainable business involves creating habits and practices that are sustainable for the people within that business. 

Working very long hours and consistently sacrificing self-care, relationships, and health is not sustainable.

Work.Life.Smarts is about learning new, sustainable habits. Habits that will make you more productive, happier and healthier. It will help you see your work in the context of your whole life, and help you take simple, realistic steps to get what you really want.

The success of this program led to the creation of its own home at www.worklifesmarts.com and it’s here that you will find everything you need to create better balance in your own life.

Got questions? No problem. Email liz@humannaturedevelopment.com – and ask away. Liz will get back to you personally.

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