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Human Nature Development is the brain-child of husband and wife team, Liz and Mark Wootton.  It’s a unique combination of their experiences, training, skills, and outlook on life.

There is one key ingredient, common to all businesses, regardless of size or industry: PEOPLE.  The more effectively the people work, whether individually or together, the more success that business will have.  We have drawn from our experience in leadership and business management, combined it with unique perspectives drawn from martial arts, sports, music and theatre, Alexander Technique, Myers Briggs and expertise in life coaching.  

We recognize that whatever your job, you are a human being first and foremost, and our approach is to work WITH your human nature, not against it.

Our Core Values

We Are Human First

Before we are anything - business owners, leaders, workers, team members - we are humans first of all.
We recognize all that makes us human (the good and the not-so-good) and find ways to work with our human nature, rather than against it.
We believe that when you accept that you are simply human, that is when you are able to achieve great things.


Simple is beautiful. Simple is repeatable, understandable, achievable, effective. Simple makes things possible. Simple is not the same as easy, but simple, repeated over and over, allows for mastery.
As humans, we often admire the complex, and think that simple is too - well, deceivingly simple.
We believe instead that true effectiveness comes from simplicity.

Continuous Improvement

We are always looking for ways to improve and develop ourselves, and for ways to help our clients do the same. We build self-reflection and learning into our entire approach to life and work. We dig, always looking for the heart of an issue so we can learn from it and find creative paths forwards.
We know that no one is perfect.

Quality of Life

Life and work are not separate. Both are important, and both rely on each other. The more pleasurable your work is, the more you enjoy life. The more you find ways to prioritize your life, the better you’ll feel about your work. This is true for self-leadership and leadership of others. The way we work for ourselves and for others is about improving quality of life.
People do not decide their futures. People decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.

What about YOUR core values?

Did you know…? Your organization’s core values already exist.  Maybe you haven’t figured them out yet, but identifying your core values can change the way you look at your business and help you manage it more effectively.  Understanding these fundamental principles that guide your business and its practices will:

  • Help you hire and keep great people who fit well in your organization.
  • Help you attract your ideal customers, leading to greater customer satisfaction and higher profit.
  • Help you set and reach meaningful goals.
  • Guide you and your people to make good decisions.
  • Define the vision, strategies, and culture of your organization.


Human Nature Development can help you define your company’s Core Values. Get in touch today to find out how.