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Nina was not new at entrepreneurship. She had previously run a successful shoe retail business. But she moved to a new country, leaving that business behind, and started a business that didn’t work out. This left her fearful of growth and fearful of failure. She wanted help to set goals and develop strategies to attract customers to her new retail store, but the work we did went much deeper. We explored the things that were holding her back – why was she finding it hard to execute a strategy? How were her insecurities getting in her way? Were there things she needed to let go of in order to be successful?  Within a few months, she had grown her network with key people in her community, built a tribe of designers and loyal customers, and been nominated for an award. 

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Alan’s business had grown over the last few years, and things were going well. But although he could see potential for more growth, he knew that he had to make it possible to delegate more responsibility, and build a system that could be replicated as he added people to the team. Not only did Human Nature Development help him systemize and standardize his processes, we also helped him write business plans for two new services that were being added, and provided leadership coaching to help him “delegate and elevate”. Alan’s company is thriving and ready to grow their customer base and grow into new markets.

Debra is a much-loved leader. She has a small and dedicated team that work closely with her. Though things mostly went smoothly, she sometimes felt as though one of her staff wasn’t performing to their full potential, but she wasn’t sure why, and was ever more unsure what to do about it. Debra reached out for advice. We facilitated individual and team meetings, as well as providing support and guidance to Debra throughout the process. The whole team benefitted from this process, and the team member in question is thriving, happy, and performing better than ever.


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Sarah’s staff are of paramount importance to her, so building ways to engage with them (even though they rarely get together in the same room) was something she wanted to work on. Human Nature Development ran an engagement workshop for the whole team. Everyone had an opportunity to present feedback on wishes, goals, and what they feel is working well, but also thoughts on challenges and difficulties they face, and ideas for how the business can move forwards. After the workshop, we took the feedback and used it to build the business’s Core Values statements. They have been proudly displaying these and talking about them ever since.

Custom workshops often come from a place of need. Tina reached out after an incident had prompted a need for conflict management training. We were able to provide a custom workshop based around the specific needs of this business, tailoring the material to the type of conflict situations they encounter often. Their small team were all able to participate in this interactive experience, and take away materials with them to help them practice what they had learned with each other.

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Want to hire great people? We bring years of experience to the table to help you write job ads that attract, facilitate professional interviews that impress, and make sure you position yourself as an employer of choice.

Bobby takes his business seriously. He wants his team to do the same. But a few unsuccessful hires had left him concerned that he could do better in this department. He just wasn’t sure what to do instead. We worked with Bobby on building a successful recruiting process, and facilitated interviews so he could listen. He learned what he needed to know from the candidates as well as presenting a professional image to them with a well-conducted interview, without the stress of asking the questions himself. Bobby has made subsequent hires successfully on his own, and has a clear idea of what an ideal employee looks like. 

Steve and Tom are business partners. Their rapidly growing business was ready to hire a key person for a leadership role. They had tried to make a hire for this role the previous year, but had only received two applications, both of which were unqualified. We came on board to handle the recruitment process. We had no difficulty selecting candidates for interview from a range of high quality applicants, and chose from a final shortlist of three, all keen, having been through this process, to be the successful candidate.


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In early 2020, Liz was nominated to be a speaker at the Women Who Inspire Conference. She was honoured to tell a personal story of pain and struggle, and how it has shaped her path and her work. “I always say, I couldn’t do what I do, if I hadn’t done what I have done,” she said. “We all struggle, but we do not have to struggle alone.”

The theme of this talk was Community. Liz was asked to be the keynote speaker at Winterpreneurfest, and wanted to focus on the importance of community to businesses. Relationships are so valuable to us all, not because of what we get from them, but because of what we can contribute to them. “Do things for others not because of who they are or what they can do for you, but because of who you are.”


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