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Work with Liz Wootton and Mark Wootton

Get rid of  fear and stress so you can stop it holding you back and actually grow your enterprise.

Maximise your creativity by ridding yourself of the stuff that’s blocking it.

Unlock your confidence (it’s in there somewhere!)

Work more effectively by learning strategies to help you set goals, and make the most of your time.

Work WITH your nature, not against it, to create a business, and a life that’s aligned with your values.

And what do you gain?  Increased profitability, increased productivity, and better health.  In short, you get more kerching!, you get more done, and you feel fantastic.

Many people don’t realise that when businesses fail, it’s not usually because they have a lack of talent, or a product or service that no one would buy. In fact, it has far more to do with things that are completely avoidable – lack of planning, poor organisation, lack of clear focus, poor financial management…. and all things that can be addressed through personal development in some way.

No one is perfect – no one starts out a business knowing how to do everything. There’s a steep learning curve for many, and the steepest part can be realising that running a business is about doing a lot more than just what you love. In fact, it can be a shock to the system for many business owners when they realise how much time they may need to spend keeping on top of finances, doing paperwork, developing systems, or whatever other tasks fall outside your natural talents or preferences.   Moreover, your methods of working will filter down to your employees as they look to you as the role model.

With employees, you can find yourself not only training them in the main function of their job, but also find that to work effectively they need to learn better time management, stress management, or communication skills.

So investing in yourself as the leader, and in your workforce, to develop strategies that help you to manage the tasks you don’t enjoy, move your business forwards, and better manage your time or your stress levels, can be the best investment you ever make for your business.

In fact, we fundamentally believe that to develop the business, you develop the person or people in it.

We provide help in the form of personal coaching (either one-to-one or group coaching), workshops and seminars,  webinars and web-based e-courses, and speaking engagements.

Human Nature was set up in 2010 to provide personal and company development services, encompassing the skills and experience that Mark and Liz Wootton have gained, not only in their respective professional fields in business ownership and public sector leadership and management, but also using a unique blend of personal development strategies, MBTI, performing arts techniques, the natural world, Alexander Technique, Zen, and martial arts principles, and making them simple to understand, easily accessible, and thoroughly applicable to your business.


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