Make the Leap from Goal Setter to Goal GETTER

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Want to up your game from just setting goals, and actually start achieving them?  If you want to make the leap from being a goal setter to being a GOAL GETTER…?

The live event happened April 1st, but if you missed it, and wish you’d been there, don’t worry – you can get instant access to the recording!

“Set audacious goals! Don’t be afraid to dream! Shoot for the stars! Aim high!”

If the memes we see all over the interwebs are to be believed, having the dream would be enough. You’d set your goal, and everything else would fall into place. If that were true, then everyone would be earning big money while working part time from a tropical island, right?

And forget work-life balance. Juggling business alongside family, health, relationships, and this thing we’re supposed to do called self-care, can feel more like a work-life struggle. Going after professional goals can leave you sacrificing personal ones as you work longer and harder, and have nothing left for the rest.

I’m going to share the BIG THING that makes the difference between setting goals and actually achieving them; the big thing (that all humans have the capacity to do, you included!) that helps you stay in touch with your life as well as your work.

Get instant access to the recording here…

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What’s missing from your Goal Setting Process?